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Stadup agency was established in response to the industry’s need for all-around marketing services for start-ups and scale-ups. Operating in a fast-paced tech environment where time heavily dictates the success of the new business requires specific commercial strategies and tactics. Often, limited resources and meeting investment goals require looking for flexible solutions which often results in disjointed commercial activities, multiple points of contact, and long and costly processes.

Stadup agency is your behind-the-scenes partner supporting fintech, regtech, high-tech, and other tech companies with missing parts of their marketing as well as a complete end-to-end marketing team.


Strategy and Consulting

Depending on the stage of your growth, Stadup supports you with defining your marketing strategy from scratch or redefining what you’ve built so far. We offer workshops, interactive consultancy or direct consultancy as Interim CMO to fit your current needs. Among many, we can help you create custom-made ABM (Account Based Marketing) tactics that reach your specific ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile) and generate the demand of the right audience converting your marketing efforts into business.

Defining key aspects of your brand and conducting in-depth market research will help you further position your brand and choose the right marketing tools to successfully deploy your strategy.

Content Marketing

One of the most important aspects of marketing is content marketing. Creating comprehensive, valuable for your target audience but also SEO-friendly content not only boosts your brand awareness and visibility but most importantly, helps you establish your position on the market. From choosing the right media outlets to send your message across to shaping the content strategy, Stadup can support your efforts always in alignment with your business needs and goals.

We help B2B companies navigate through their media communication, events management, social media strategy, email marketing and more.

Performance Marketing

As a tech-driven business, you know the importance of digital marketing. At Stadup we help you with your organic efforts and paid advertisements like Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads to send your message across and generate high-quality leads. Digital marketing also means optimizing your website, social media channels, email marketing, and more. We help you choose and implement the right digital marketing activities – all based on your unique positioning.

Web Development

Your website is your commercial engine. It attracts leads and converts them into customers. The information that you gather on your website can be a pivotal factor in your expansion. That’s why a well-positioned and optimized website is crucial to effective digital marketing and sales. Stadup Agency offers you web development services, from creating a unique visual identity and coding (based on the best SEO practices) to auditing, and even website maintenance if required.


Your brand identifies you and your business. It is scientifically proven that your audience will be more likely to respond and be influenced by your visual assets than any other form of marketing. Combined with the aligned communication plan can build and establish your customers’ and industry’s trust.

That’s why creating a strong brand identity that corresponds with your company values is so important.

At Stadup we help early-stage businesses to define their brand tone of voice and create the necessary visual and messaging assets. We help design your logo, create a style guide, and other graphic assets to create your complete visual identity.

We also help with the rebranding process and the further evolution of the brand.


All-around marketing in one agency

We are an all-around creative agency, providing behind-the-scenes marketing services and consultancy to start-ups and scale-ups looking to launch or expand their brands fast and cost-efficiently without the need for an extensive internal marketing team.

Efficiency and speed

Stadup has specialists in various marketing fields which allows us to provide time and cost-efficient services. With one agency you get a dedicated team of marketing and industry experts including web developers, SEO specialists, campaign managers, PR specialists, copywriters and more, depending on your needs.


It all starts with an idea, you build the product and we translate your vision into comprehensive marketing. We become your partner and our marketing and industry experts become a part of your team which you can manage via a simple project management tool.

Industry expertise

In such a complex environment, especially with high-friction B2B products, marketing requires a specific industry expertise. Our specialists have extensive experience working for tech, fintech, AI and eCommerce industries.
We understand the specific nature of the industries and know what tactics will best suit your business.


Stadup agency is dedicated to innovators, newcomers and ever-growing tech businesses.

Launching and scaling a new business is costly and time-consuming. It requires managing limited time and resources at the same time delivering the highest quality possible products and services. We understand the challenges the newcomers are facing at the beginning of their journey and we work behind the scenes to help you introduce your business to the relevant stakeholders and clients.

Operating in fast-paced disruptive industries driven by digital transformation demands prioritising product development and implementing a commercial strategy that would effectively send your vision across. We have hands-on experience helping design and develop successful marketing strategies both for complex B2B products.